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What is your refund policy for the full enrollment options?

If your homeschooling situation changes and you find it necessary to cancel your enrollment please return a Notice of Withdrawal form to the Academy by mail. A refund of fees is available for up to ninety days after your enrollment acceptance date (which is printed in your welcome/assessment packet), excluding the non-refundable registration fee portion of each student's fees ($35.00 per student) and the cost of all services utilized prior to the date of withdrawal (services such as assessment correction, assessment evaluation, development of personalized Academic Packets, High School Orientation booklet, planning appointments, and support appointments).  There are no refunds after the annual Course of Study Planning appointment


Cancellation of Full Enrollment 

What fees will be deducted from my refund amount?

Below are descriptions and costs of the standard enrollment services. The amount of any services used by your family from the date of your application acceptance until the academy receives your Notice of Withdrawal will be deducted from your refund.

Registration Fee ($35.00 PER STUDENT): Establishment of school records for the school year, printing and mailing of the Welcome/Assessment Packet. This is a non-refundable fee.

Assessment Correction ($15.00 PER P1/K STUDENT; $20.00 PER STUDENT GRADES 1-12): General staff time to correct and prepare the assessment and the student’s records for evaluation by the family’s curriculum planning advisor.

Advisor Evaluation of Assessment ($30.00 PER P1/K STUDENT; $50.00 PER STUDENT GRADES 1-12): Advisor time to review the student’s assessment and write an evaluation of basic skills and academic strengths and weaknesses.

Development of Personalized Educational Plan and Academic Packet ($20.00 PER P1/K STUDENT; $45.00 PER STUDENT GRADES 1-8; $55.00 PER STUDENT GRADES 9-12): Advisor time to design a personalized plan of study based on the student’s and family’s needs. Personalized Academic Packet with advisor comments for each student, book ordering information, STAA course notes, STAA pacing advice, and any needed STAA weekly lesson plans printed and emailed to you.

High School Orientation ($14.95 per booklet): This booklet is mailed to your home along with the Academic Packet.


What are "Incidentals"?

Incidentals are costs incurred by the Academy on behalf of your family that are outside of the normal enrollment services. The most common incidentals are: upgrading the speed of mailing, international mailing fees, Expedited/Saturday Services, preparation of special paperwork or letters for outside entities, transferring high school credits from other institutions, late payment charges, bounced check charges, “no show” fee for missing a scheduled advisor appointment without a cancellation call or message, completing paperwork outside of the active enrollment period, printing faxed or emailed documents, replacement of paperwork, obtaining copies of paperwork from your child’s file, sending official transcripts to colleges of your choice, and the like.


Where can I find the "Notice of Withdrawal" form?

The Notice of Withdrawal can be found in your welcome/assessment packet or downloaded below. Be sure to include the address of your students' new school so their school records can be forwarded.


Cancellation of the High School "Course Support Only" Option

Your help has been amazing, but we have decided not to homeschool after all this year.  Are we eligible for any sort of refund on our son's "course support only" plan?

A refund of $60.00 (which is the enrollment fee less the $35.00 student registration fee) is available for up to 90 days after the date of application.  However, there are no refunds after the orientation appointment with a high school advisor.


STAA Study Guides

We signed our daughter up for a community college class yesterday and won't be needing the STAA Study Guide for Biology I & II after all -- can we send it back to you for a refund?

Refunds are not available for STAA Study Guides. STAA Study Guides are printed for each individual order by the distributor within a few days of placing the order. Should you find that one of your study guides was misprinted or damaged during shipment, contact the distributor immediately to obtain a replacement. 



FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (FRM_NoticeOfWithdrawal.pdf)Notice of Withdrawal form 58 kB

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