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Course Registration No. ENG-711


18-week course plan studying Traditional Logic 1 and Socrates Meets Jesus.  Follows Essay Writing B; used in Greek Studies II or Roman Studies II.





Traditional Logic I Basic Set

  • Author: Martin Cothran
  • Publisher/Copyright: : Memoria Press, 2017. Print.
  • ISBN: 0012080799        978-0012080795
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

This package includes the following items: Student Text, Answer Key, Quizzes and Exams, Student Workbook 2nd Ed. Each student will need his own workbook.


Socrates Meets Jesus: History's Greatest Questioner Confronts the Claims of Christ

  • Author: Peter Kreeft
  • Publisher/Copyright: Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books, 2002. Print.
  • ISBN: 0830823387        978-0830823383
  • Supplier: Retail or

182 Pages


Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition

  • ISBN: 0764571257        978-0764571251
  • Supplier: Retail or

This is only one option; any full-size collegiate level dictionary is fine. It is a good idea to have an exhaustive desktop dictionary and a condensed, pocket-sized dictionary readily available.



STAA Study Guide: Greek Studies I, B Track • Astronomy IB

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • Publisher/Copyright: Reno: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, 2017. Print.
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier:

Detailed weekly plans, assignment details, and grading support for the high school courses can be found in the STAA Study Guides. Each high school student will need two study guides, one for each semester of the academic year. Individual course plan booklets may be purchased for students that are not following the general cycle sequence of the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy high school program. Match the historical cycle, the science cycle, and the track levels to your student's registered courses. Direct links for ordering the study guides will be emailed to you after you submit the Course Registration forms.





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