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Course Registration No. ENG-201


36 Week Course Plan: Jensen’s Punctuation (Year 1 of 4)





Jensen's Punctuation: A Complete Guide to All Your Punctuation Needs

  • Author: Frode Jensen
  • Publisher/Copyright: : Master Books, 2016. Print Workbook.
  • ISBN: 1886061262        9781886061262
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

234 pages; worksheets, spiral reviews and final exams; answer key included in text; Grades 6-12. Entire workbook completed over the course of eight semesters.


Writing Handbook

  • Author: Michael P. Kammer and Charles W. Mulligan
  • Publisher/Copyright: Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1953. Print.
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: Our Lady of Victory School

Hardcover, 592 pages. Originally published by Loyola University Press in 1953, and now by Lepanto Press, this is a reference manual to accompany the practice of grammar, punctuation, composition, and essay writing. Topics include parts of speech, syntax, punctuation, spelling rules, diagraming, sentences, paragraphs, expository writing, and much more. This is a decidedly Catholic text, with a delightful section dedicated to explaining the capitalization rules for religious terms such as the names of God, the Blessed Virgin, and papacy as well as religious, military, and social titles. St. Thomas Aquinas Academy looks to "Writing Handbook" as the in-house writing style handbook. "Warriner's English Grammar and Composition" by John Warriner or "A Writer's Reference with MLA Update" by Diana Hacker are also fine manuals for grammar and writing style. This is a non-consumable manual, one copy per household is sufficient. Order the Lepanto Press reprint from Our Lady of Victory School or look on Amazon for a used copy of any printing from 1953 to the last Loyola University Press printing which is, we believe, 1991.